Artist Branding & Development Services

Over the last decade branding & marketing has become equally as important as music to the vast majority of artist managers, talent buyers, booking agents, and the music industry itself. Having an authentic identity, music aside, allows for you to stand out and create a deeper connection with your audience. Having both is crucial when it comes to building a community. Unfortunately, artist development has become a thing of the past, but we’re here to change that for you. 

What's included: 

  • 2-Year Artist Plan
  • Artist Logo Design or Full Redesign
  • Artist Branding Guidelines
  • Cover Artwork (Single, EP, Album Artwork Single Template)
  • Dedicated Photoshoot (Artist Press Photos)
  • Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
  • Hype Video Reel
  • Merchandise Design Template
  • Performance/Stage Visuals

  • Please note: Services provided, listed above, are not lessons/mentoring. Services listed above will include a limited number of revisions.  Pricing listed is introductory. Pricing is subject to change. 

Artist Branding & Development Services

  • All sales are final.