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ONLINE Music Production Lessons - Monthly (Once a week)

One (1) month of 1-on-1 Online Music Production and Audio Engineering Lessons.


SYMMETRY’s Online Music Production & Audio mentorship provides you with online 1-on-1 private and personalized lessons, custom tailored to your skill level, while giving you individualized attention at your own pace.

Deep dive into music production, covering both fundamental and creative production techniques, improving your overall workflow in a more effective and efficient approach.

You’ll better understand the approach to mixing and mastering techniques, all while training your ears, as you’ll learn what something is, why it is utilized, when to apply it, and how it can be applied to your own projects and productions.


Please note: Pricing listed is introductory. Pricing is subject to change.

ONLINE Music Production Lessons - Monthly (Once a week)

  • All sales are final.

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